Candlestick Earring Display

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Earring Display 1 Dollar Tree. Thrift Store. IKEA.

How delighted was I when 3 finds from 3 of my favorite places mashed together to be the perfect organizer for my earrings and bracelets? Well, soooooo delighted that it ended my blogging hiatus! YAY me and not to brag or anything, but hopefully, YAY YOU!

This was like, these easiest, fastest thing EVER to make. No kiddin! Also, these items are pretty much readily available. Ya know what I mean? Sometimes I’ll find this grrrreat Pin and I think how I’ll make the item, only to be unable to find ANY of the supplies because they were at one-of-a-kind thrift store gold mines! Ugh. If you don’t live near an IKEA, just add the plate to your mental “Gotta Have It” list and stop by next time you are happening to be near one. I bought one in June when we went to The World’s Ugliest Dog Show (our dogs lost…. of course!) and liked them so much I bought 3 more in Seattle in May when we went to see our son compete in his first triathlon (he did SO good!)

Here are the items you will need to complete this project…


2-Part Epoxy (available at Dollar Tree)



Tall-ish candlestick (Tall enough to let your earrings dangle. I found mine at a second hand store)

Tall Candlestick Thrift Store 1

Short Candlestick (Almost always at Dollar Tree)

Short Candletstick Dollar Tree 1

Small Plate with Cutouts (This one is from the gardening area at IKEA)

Cut Out Plate 1

For this project, the only thing I did was to glue the plate on the tall candlestick. Follow this link to read what I have to say about buying epoxy at the dollar store. There are also pictures and a tutorial…

The short candlestick is simply placed on the center of the plate. I’d really love to find something candle sized to fit in the top of the short candlestick. I could use it for rings!

The tall candlestick I used has a mercury style paint job on the inside. I love it and have been working on mimicking the paint technique on other items. I’ve pretty much nailed it by using mirror paint with black paint overlaid. I will really try to do a blog on that soon-ish. Pinky swear! The next one of these I’m doing, I’ve already painted the outside of the tall candlestick. You may want to paint yours to match your décor. But, you may just get lucky like I did and find something you love that already matches. Like I did 🙂

As with all of my posts, please feel free to let me know how your own creation turned out. I’d love to share your stuff!


Three Tiered Fruit Bowl diy

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My family eats a lot of veggies and fruit… forcibly, by MOM.

Actually, we are trying to eat more fruits and veggies. The problem is, if we don’t see it, we don’t eat it. I had a little metal fruit bowl with a banana hook. It worked great, for bananas. And maybe like 3 oranges. It just wasn’t big enough to hold anything else. Of course, I also read a Pin about how you are supposed to separate your bananas from the bunch to make them last longer. Or maybe that helps them ripen. No matter… that banana bowl contraption did not work. I looked around and just couldn’t find another basket, bowl, or crate I really liked. Then, the other day, I was organizing my china cabinet (check out this post for that… and I needed to clear some space on the counter.

I had been working on this…

As my pie-server-turned-plate-rack waited it’s turn for perfect pantry placement, I began stacking stuff on it. Some fruit was laying on the counter. To make more organization-in-waiting counter space for the china, I put the fruit on the plate rack, and I saw the obvious… my new fruit basket!

Here’s what I started with….

3 Tiered Fruit Bowl 4

I’ve seen these pie servers a lot in thrift shops. I can see why they were tossed, since ivy has lost it’s decorative appeal. They are usually cheap too. I paid only $1.95 for mine. Fortunately, the ivy and the wire it is attached to, is easily removed. Just be careful when doing so, because it can cut you! Pliers are my tool of choice for this job. Make sure there are no jagged edges and sand the stand. I didn’t sand mine of course, because I wanted it now, lol.

3 Tiered Fruit Bowl 2


I had already painted it, and the colors match my kitchen, so I began looking for baskets. Around the house, I couldn’t find enough baskets that fit, so for the time being, I just used plates. My friend Melissa used to work at, and has volunteered at several thrift shops. She has great tips on buying from them. On Thursdays, she is starting to blog about it! Here’s the link…

The next day I set out, determined to find thrift store baskets for my new fruit bowl, and The Singing Honey Bee was so right! I not only found three matching baskets, they were also brand new and were only .50 cents each! They really couldn’t be more perfect if they were made specifically for this project. Really, thrifting is amazing! Mr. Matrimony was evev enamored with these baskets. So much, that he asked me not to paint them. Egads… no spray painting??? What ever is a spray-paint addict to do?

He really doesn’t ask for that much, and he takes such god care of me… so I obliged him. They are awfully pretty baskets…


3 Tiered Fruit Bowl 3

I’m very satisfied with how my 3-tiered fruit basket turned out. I’m also certain the family will eat more fresh fruits and veggies The only problem is, now I need to go out and find more of these pie servers because I keep stealing them from other projects!

3 Tiered Fruit Bowl 5

Now, we have copious amounts of fruits and veggies, staring us down at almost eye level! We have been eating more. And plus, is there even a better way to add color to your kitchen than by using real produce?
No. No, there is not.

3 Tiered Fruit Bowl 1

What do you use for a fruit bowl in your home? Do you eat more fresh produce when it is easily seen?

Make Your Dining Room POP with Color!!! (Part One: Fabric Covered Chargers)

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On one of my very first trips to Hobby Lobby, I found this ribbon….

My Surprising Inspiration

I bought it for the specific purpose of adorning baby Onesies I sell online. Over the past months while working on crafting, I’ve realized this particular ribbon out of the many I 0wn, is the one that always catches my eye first. Often, my eye lingers on it. It never ever dawned on me to use such bold colors in my home. I’m not sure why. In many ways (probably most of my ways) I’m bold. I’ve just never done anything like that in my décor. I took a step out in faith in bright colors, and added a piece of this ribbon, about 10 inches long, to a sort of art piece I have in my kitchen. From that little tiny step, I made multiple baby steps. Then, I made a couple of small puddle jumps, finally leaping into the china cabinet in the dining room to add some color. To some, it may not seem like a leap at all. For me it was huge. Now, I don’t know if I can be stopped!

I’m not saying these colors (all of which by-the-way, look like they escaped from my Aunt Betty’s 60’s kitchen) are going to be plastered all over the house. But, I am saying they are going to be a lot more prevalent in our home’s décor. I’m loving them so much and they just make me smile! How could I not want that happy happy joy joy to come from every-other-here-and-there?

For this series, I was inspired by some chargers I saw that were covered in burlap, so today on a girl’s day out, some friends took me to the big city. Imagine my delight, when we were in Hobby Lobby, and in the 30% off fabrics were coordinating fabrics that go with my ribbon! I couldn’t believe it! I almost didn’t get even any of the fabrics that match, but my friend Ruth stepped in. She pointed out that I could do more than one print on my chargers. I am so serious in telling you, this had never crossed my mind. People are always saying I’m so creative, but truly, moments like Ruth finding 3 coordinating fabrics that I love, but can’t even envision in my home, just humbles me. I was walking all over the fabric department, like a crazed loon (we had girls waiting for us in the car!), searching for just the right fabric. I had one bolt in my arm that had jumped out at me. As I looked at it more though, while carrying it around, it just seemed a little boring. It had fun colors in it, but it wasn’t fun colored…. ya know what I mean? Well, I went back over to Ruth’s picks and realized the main one is the exact same pattern as my now favorite ribbon!


I jumped in all the way! I became bold about designing my dining room table settings, and I’m going to enjoy the jump! I’ll bring my camera and keyboard along for the ride so that all of you can share in the joy that IS color in our home!

Here’s what you’ll need for this project….



  • Chargers
  • Fabric (3/8 of a yard will cover 3 chargers)

(The coordinating ribbon, twine, and embellishments  are for part 2)


  • Spray Adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Pen/Pencil/Marker

First, place your charger upside-down on your fabric, like this….


Make a circle around your charger about one inch away from the outer edge, like this….


Following the directions of your spray adhesive, coat the charger. The brand I used said to use a medium coat. Further, the directions said to adhere items together permanently, put them together quickly, after spraying. I sprayed a medium-heavy amount on my chargers and the fabric until I could kinda see the glue on it everywhere. To place the fabric on the chargers, I started in the middle by folding the fabric in half, glue side out. Here’s what it looked like when I first put the fabric on the charger….

DSC02480Starting from the center, and working your way out, press the fabric down. Make sure to work quickly and press out any wrinkles as you go. If you make a mistake, don’t fret. You can remove the fabric and start over. I did 😉

Note: This could probably be Mod Podged. I’ll probably try it another day. If/when I do, I’ll let you know how it turned out. If you get to it first, you can let me know!

When you get to the edge, you have options. I did the first one so that it was finished like this….


I cut the fabric right up to the outside edge of the charger. To hide the raw edge of the fabric, I covered it up with two strips of twine I glued (with a glue gun) right over it. This is my favorite look.
On the rest of the chargers, I simply sprayed around the edge of the under side of the fabric and outer edge of the chargers. Then I pressed the fabric to the bottom, like this….

I finished the rest of my chargers with this method. It was late, and I needed to get to bed. Now, I wish I would have taken the extra effort and done them with the twine. It really did not take much longer and the finished look on the underside of the chargers is so much better. Not that my guests will be lifting up the chargers and looking at my finished edges (although, if they are readers of my blog, they may!). I just know the little bit messier crumpled edge is there. Live and learn, right?

Here’s so more pictures of my finished chargers.




They are super super SUPER cute! I can’t wait to have company to show them off to. Until then, I added to my china cabinet vignettes. Now it has even more color and I can’t stop looking at it! You can see how I added color to my china cabinet without spending a fortune by checking out this link….


Look for part two of this series to find out how I made the napkin rings!


How to Add Color to Your China Cabinet (without spending a fortune)

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My china cabinet was not much to look at, even if it is from IKEA Craig’s List. Have I mentioned I am 5 hours from Ikea, no matter which direction I go? Yes. Sad but true. I do shop at IKEA every chance I get though. On one particular road trip, Mr. Matrimony even planned a stop at a hotel next door to an IKEA. I’m fairly certain his motivation was the food court first, and my joy second. No matter… he’s still a keeper ❤

At IKEA with one of our little friends
At IKEA with one of our little friends

Anyways, on our local Craig’s List, I found a white bookcase with glass doors from IKEA. The people who were selling it had added 3 light fixtures to the underside of 3 of the shelves. I knew a little black spray paint would transform it into something that would look like it somewhat matched my dining room furniture. That is sort of a bonus of having mis-matched furniture… everything matches. By-the-way, I thought I was saving time and money by not painting the inside portions of the doors. As it turns out, the interior frames of the doors are quite visible from the exterior. That part really has nothing to do with this post, but I thought you should know so you won’t do that.

You’re welcome.

Now, as much as my mis-matched cabinet matched my mis-matched dining room furniture, it still looked boring. Aside from Christmas dishes and a few little clearance bowls from Apothecary, our dishes are very plain. As it is, even the Christmas dishes don’t match even in the mis-matchy way for about 11 months out of the year. In fact, leaving them in the cabinet just makes me look lazy(er). Still, I am not one for packing them and unpacking them every year, and traipsing with them down into the dungeon basement for storing. So in the cabinet they stay. Here’s what we had to start with…

Boring….. *yawn*


Not only is it boring, it is not one bit organized. That’s how I first came up with this idea. All I was going to do was sort out the mess, purge a few items, do some dusting, and pile things back in with some sense of organization. Somewhere on the way to the dining room, I passed a turquoise lid from a spray paint can. You probably figured at this point that I’m not too good at putting things away. To some, that is called “disorganized” and “messy”. With experience, I have learned to call it “inspirational”. The truth is, I probably was inspired along the way of painting something turquoise when I got distracted by something else, causing me to leave the turquoise spray paint can somewhere. At least now I know where the lid is, so I can replace it. I’ll find the can some other time when I’m distracted inspired.

Annnnnnny way…

I’ve long wanted to put wall paper on the back inside wall of a cabinet. This one would be ideal for that, if I could get my hands on some worthy wall paper. Until that time, I came up with a clever idea to add color to my boring china cabinet. I painted several chargers (Those big ole plastic plates that go under your place settings. They are often gold leafed. We use them in lieu of place mats.) I found on clearance after Christmas at Wal-Mart. They were only .05 cents each! Here’s a picture of one of them “before”….


I did different colors thinking I would choose which ones I liked best. Surprise! I liked them all. So they all stayed the colors I tested them with. I had a few of those raised plate stands that I painted to match. The cloche I made went in as well (You can find out more about that by using this link… ). A pie display (some may think of it as a plate display) I found at the thrift store and a bowl stack rack from World Market (clearance, of course) were also painted to match. As it turned out, I really only purged about 5 things. More than that amount was actually added. Organizing and sorting actually created a lot of room. The Christmas dishes even stayed! Those are what I started with. I put the Christmas plates on the bottom shelf, evened out on either side. Then I placed one plain white plate on top of each stack. Here’s how that looks….


Next, I placed my white dishes (my main color) and the turquoise (my strongest accent color). That was my foundation. Here’s how it turned out….


Here’s the tray (a buck from the thrift store) before I painted it….


Next, I just started placing the other plates and main pieces. As I did so, I moved around the foundation pieces as needed. I even remembered to take a “during” picture this time… YAY me!!!

I hid my smaller pieces of Christmas settings in that ginormous bowl on the top shelf and the coffee cups are behind my “everyday nice” cups.


Finally, I added the finishing pieces. This step includes all the little random shots of color. Color is my friend, so it may be a little surprising we have white dishes. Don’t fret… our everyday dishes are sort of a neon green 😉 If colors “popped” a little too much (like red or bright blue), I placed them with some of the primary (white, turquoise, and yellow) shades of my color palette for this project. Here are some pictures of the different vignettes I placed in the cabinet as the final layer….

These darling little bowls are from Apothecary. That place is WAY expensive, but always remember to check out their clearance room…. I paid about .50 cents each for these!!!


A fake silver candlestick I painted a pale blue with a cute little greenish-yellow bowl topping it off, placed next to some bowls from Apothecary.
A fake silver candlestick I painted a pale blue with a cute little greenish-yellow bowl topping it off, placed next to some bowls from Apothecary.
I spray painted a flower pot and placed some napkins in it on the left. On the right, I spray painted one of my plate stands on to which I placed a super unique flower vase on.
The yellow chargers are in back. I spray painted a flower pot and placed some napkins in it on the left. On the right, I spray painted one of my plate stands on to which I placed a super unique flower vase on.

Here’s the finished project….

I made both the Moscato sign and the Vino sign. The birdcage I painted blue and place a plate stand in it with an orange candle vase on it.
I made both the Moscato sign and the Vino sign. The birdcage I painted blue and place a plate stand in it with an orange candle vase on it.

Don’t have a china cabinet? We didn’t for quite awhile. Before we purchases this one from IKEA Craig’s List, we used a plain ol’ black fake wood bookcase from Wal-Mart, for years! I think they are like 30 bucks. Maybe even 20… it’s really fake wood, lol 😀 It looked great though. The only problem is dust. You neat people have nothing to worry about there though. But even I made it through the dusty china “cabinet” years.

On Friday evenings I enjoy The Weekend Wind-Down Party at
There are so many great ideas there! Please take a few moments to check it out.

Guest Toiletries Container with Chalkboard Labels

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When we go on road trips, I always ask housekeeping for extra coffee and extra toiletries. They’re always so sweet and happily give me handfuls of each. The coffee is because one little package is never enough in a hotel room. I save the toiletries for my guests at home. We no longer have a guest bathroom, or for that matter, a guest bedroom. However, all we need do is banish Mr. Awesome to the dungeon  basement, and voila… guest room! For the guest toiletries I gather on our journeys, I found a fun, wide, pink-tinted vase someplace in the dungeon basement and discovered I could fit quite a few of the little toiletry bottles into it. Here’s how I made the labels….

What you need~

  • Sheet of Plain Stickers (I think my mama bought mine at Office Depot)
  • Flat Black Spray Paint (you can use chalkboard paint, but the .98 generic flat black is way cheaper)
  • White or Silver marker (I recommend Sharpie Brand Oil Paint Marker)



First, spray paint the entire sheet of stickers. I took a picture of mine halfway through. It’s kinda hard to see the outlines of the stickers, but you get the idea…


Next, simply use the marker to write what you like. I did a LOT of practice fails before I got some nailed its! While I was at it, I made some for my coffee canisters….

When you have the stickers just so, simply attach them to your vase. Fill with your pretty little toiletries from the sweet housekeeping people, kick your kid into the dungeon basement, and ask some friends to stay the night! You’ll be ready 😉

My guest toiletries on my towel shelf made from a bicycle basket. Sweet!


d.i.y. Plate Rack

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wpid-PhotoGrid_1395700436028.jpgMy friend, The Pink Nurse, asked me to do a tutorial on my plate rack. I was like, um, uh… ok?
For reals.
I’m actually a little embarrassed that when she finds out what it’s made from, she’s gonna be like, um, uh… ok? lol…
For reals!

Why? Because of what I made it out of. This….
drying rack

I know, right???
It’s one of those, “I want it right now” things. Mr. Matrimony said he would make a fance dancy plate rack for me. You know the kind, with the dowels. Well, it hasn’t happened yet, so I decided I would do it myself. My mama says my first word wasn’t a word. It was a paragraph. And it started with, “I do it my TELF!” Somehow I wasn’t surprised. Neither is anyone who knows me. Anyways, I wanted the plate rack NOW. So I made one….


I don’t have pictures of the how-to, but I think it’s pretty self-explanatory. I started by taking the screws out that are at the “hinge” places. You’ll be left with 3 pieces. The smallest piece (the part the cups are sitting on in the picture above), the medium size one (the part above the cups), and the large piece (the part the cups are leaning against and is half of what the plates are sitting on). The smallest piece will not be used for this project. Save it for another project. You can buy these racks without a shelf for the cups, but that isn’t what I had on hand.

Next, carefully remove every-other slat. As they are, they’re too close for plates to fit between them. Do this with the largest piece and the medium-sized one. Once you are done with this step, paint both of those pieces, plus one removed long slat.

When the paint is dry, the pieces are ready to be assembled in your cabinet. I am not sure about measuring or anything on this. I just kept trying until it was at the correct angle for my plates. My son helped me by holding the rack in various positions while I slid a plate into it and made sure it fit. I also made certain the plate was easily removed. Once I found that position, I placed the single board in front of the bottom part of the large piece. Then, I nailed it into place (you can use screws if you wish). Now, my son held the plate for me while I slid the medium-sized piece under it to find the position it needed to be in. This part is integral. Without it, the plates won’t stand up-right. They’ll just fall right over! When you’ve found the perfect place for the now bottom piece to sit in your cabinet, nail or screw it in place. It would most likely be best to drill holes first. I didn’t, but I think I got lucky with those tiny pieces of wood not splitting.

Now, simply put the large piece in place. I didn’t attach mine to the cabinet. That’s why I have the slat across the bottom. It keeps the large piece from moving. I also wanted to be able to remove it from the cabinet to clean.

Oh… that’s a good one! Clean…. lol

Seriously, I didn’t attach it, because I don’t know how!

Here’s a look at my finished product….


And here’s what it looks like in my cabinet, with the other stuff I have in there….


Pretty sweet, huh? I really like how it turned out, perfect or not, even if it was more not than it was perfect!

As I typed out this blog, the more I wrote about the project, the more I was a little embarrassed. I know most crafty people out there can do such a better job at this than myself. Mr. Matrimony could do WAY better than this. Here’s the problem though… I wanted it NOW!
I’ll make sure to show you a full how-to when he gets one made RIGHT. It just won’t be right now

On Friday evenings I enjoy The Weekend Wind-Down Party at
There are so many great ideas there! Please take a few moments to check it out.