That’s Not What It’s For!!!

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Awhile back my friend Melissa, from over at http://singinghoneybee.blogspot.com/ was visiting my home. She excused herself to the powder room and when she came out, was very excited! She said, “I LOVE what you’ve done in there.
“Thanks!” I said.

Wait. What???

Here’s what she saw…
(Don’t be afraid!)


Thankfully, she quickly explained that she was talking about my toilet paper storage.
I know… whew… Right?

I bought these two corbels for, wait for it…. $3 each. THREE DOLLARS!!! I still can’t believe what a steal that was. At one of the big hardware stores, they are $48 for new ones that are half the size! Crazy. It makes me want Mr. Matrimony to buy a saw, or whittling machine, or whatever, to make some more corbels with. Just from selling them, we could retire in like, 5 months! Anyways, I found these at a little swap meet in the middle of next-to nowhere. The woman who sold them to me was kind of hesitant. She said she didn’t know what they were worth. I think she was hesitant cause she didn’t want to charge me too much! Bless her heart…. I felt bad, but then, I grabbed them up, cradled them in my arms, and the guilt disappeared.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re like, “Yeah, but that is a one-time deal. No one is ever going to find that bargain. ..Ever… Again.” I know you’re thinking that because I’ve thought it soooo many times over the years. I’ve heard it said by many others as well. Here’s the thing… you WILL find your (figurative) corbels. It may be a chair, sconces, or a fireplace set with elk antler handles. It may even be corbels! Just keep your eyes open and don’t look at things as they were meant to be used. Think of them as anything you’ve ever seen on Pinterest! Pinterest has changed the rules. I can’t walk by little toy animals without picturing them painted bright white and mounted on the wall. Or doors. In my mind, doors are always aged, always have shelving attached, and are never on hinges. I see windows hanging where there is no wall, plants growing out of pallets, and chalkboard painted on everything including chalkboards! If you see something that catches your eye and it’s a great price, grab it! If you’re really drawn to it, you will find something creative to do with it. If you can’t, write to me, do an internet search, or ask a creative friend. If you like it as it is, you will definitely love it more when you’re through with it!

Here’s some more things I’ve done around the house with items used differently than they were intended….


These are two small bookcases I found at a yard sale. I paid a dollar each for them, nailed them to the wall and added baskets from the dollar store. They work perfectly in the laundry room. I even hang the clothes pins I painted from the handles. That tutorial is here…. https://dumpsterdivingdarling.wordpress.com/2014/03/01/diy-glitter-clothes-pins-or-how-to-paint-clothes-pins-without-ticking-off-your-husband-or-killing-yourself/


With the advent of Scentsy, I just don’t burn as many candles as I did in the past. The problem is, I have all these great candlesticks! I can’t epoxy a plate to every candlestick we own. I just can’t… So, I’ve found different items to place on them instead of candles. This little squash was something I found one year in Wal-Mart, on clearance, after Thanksgiving. They come in all shapes and sizes. This is one of my favorites because it’s sparkly!

Candle Stick Bucket

Painted with one of my kitchen colors, this small pail fits perfectly on a shabbied candlestick. It gathers small items that don’t have a home that we randomly set on the counter when we walk in the house. I wish I could find a gi-NOR-mous one for the laundry room…


Dollar stores often have fun little signs that are really cute, but not big enough to use on a wall. I hang them from lamp switches. If they aren’t long enough, I simply add string. The shade will hide the string. Incidentally, I sometimes add beaded ribbon to the bottom of lampshades. It’s a quick and easy way to add some style to something that can be pretty bland. The beaded ribbon very expensive in the craft stores, but sometimes the dollar store has it. Keep an eye out and snatch it up whenever you see it!

wpid-0421141308-12.jpg.jpegIn our other house, our bedroom was 16×20 feet (now our living room and dining room combined are barely that big!) Of course, in such a big room, we needed a King-size bed (plus, I found the bed for $99 on clearance at http://www.rcwilley.com/ and we got the mattress in trade from someone whose dog we baby-sat). In the house we live in now, we have about 6 feet of space on the sides of the bed.  That’s total space… 2 feet for me and 4 feet for Mr. Matrimony. Needless to say, we don’t have much bedside table space. To make up for that, I placed hanging lights from IKEA (clearance section, of course) with shades from Wal-Mart. Then, I found these nifty little shadow boxes and painted them the closest I could to the dark walnut color of our bed. Attached to the wall, they make a perfect place to keep our bedside reading! Our books are easily accessible and they stay off the table, leaving room for other more important things, like decorations! 🙂


I hope you aren’t sick of seeing these. I think I’ve blogged about them more than once. They are vases from the dollar store that I use as picture frames for photo booth pictures. You can see how I dolled them up by checking out this post… https://dumpsterdivingdarling.wordpress.com/2014/03/07/seven-things-you-must-paint-with-glitter-nail-polish-now/. I think I keep showing them off on my blog because they represent repurposing perfectly! They are easy, inexpensive, and extremely useful for something that really has no way to show it off. If there are frames out there made specifically for photo booth pictures, I’m certain they are expensive!

wpid-photogrid_1398106992808.jpgThis is a shelf in our bedroom. I use it to display some items that are important to Mr. Matrimony and myself, like our framed wedding license. I spray painted some stickers that I had for scrapbooking so they’d match our bedroom. Placed in no certain order on the shelf bracket, they look really cute. The bonus is, they are words that fit our marriage ❤

Being creative isn’t this intrinsic feeling that people are born with. I used to go into people’s homes and think, “I love what they did in here!” (Maybe not in their bathroom though… heh). My mother and aunt are both extremely savvy when it comes to creativity of all sorts. I wonder if they always had their talents. I suspect they did not. My thought is, we learn it. Maybe some people are more susceptible to the creativity bug and others have to work hard to achieve success. Either way, you can learn it! Just keep trying, and you’ll eventually, I don’t know… get used to it? Yeah….

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