How to Add Height to Your Nightstand


Mr. Matrimony and I have the greatest bed.

Our Bed
I found it at in the clearance section. They always have loads of great deals. They ship internet items to the store for free. If you have an RC Willey, I highly recommend checking out their website. Oh, they also have a clearance room onsite. It’s usually amazing as well!
Not so long ago, we bought a new mattress. It made our bed super high! It also dwarfed my bedside table.


When I came across these legs….


I picture flashed through my head. Sorry, I don’t have a copy of that picture…
ar ar ar
Well, it was inspired from a Pin I had seen awhile back, so a picture wouldn’t be unlikely.

Anyways, I asked Mr. Matrimony to attach these free legs to my bedside table. First, he had to add boards to the bottom of the piece because there was no bottom. He used a 1×4 and cut it down to two pieces. Here’s what they looked like after he installed them….


Here’s a view from the front, with the drawers removed….


Next, he simply screwed the legs into the boards. He put them right up next to the corners to give it extra strength.


I forgot to take pictures while I was painting it. It was quite easy though because I did it all in an espresso brown. I might doll it up later, but for now, it’s quite perfect!


Isn’t it sweet?!!??! I just love it!

Have you upcycled any of your furniture in order to make it more efficient in your home?


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