Easy French Toast Donuts (Only 6 Ingredients!)

French Toast Donuts 5

My main objective here (on my blog), is to teach people how to achieve awesomeness while spending only a small amount of money (or none!) to get there. To achieve awesomeness in the kitchen, I need to make regular healthy meals that taste good enough for my guys to want seconds. But if I want to be awesomer-est , every once on a while I need to pull one of these little tricks out!

Before Christmas, at a bazaar, I met some of the other vendors. Two of them, who were right next to me, and I really hit it off. The second day, one of my new friends won some donuts in line at Wal-Mart (I’ve never heard of such. It was a Christmas thing). She was passing (well trying) them out. Only a few took her up on them. Later, she asked if I wanted one before she threw them away. Wait. What??? Throwing them away ? You can’t throw them away, they’re DONUTS!

So she gave them to me. They sat in the box an entire day but only because I scared off my fellow dieters (ie: EVERYONE I live with) with threats of running in the snow (for exercise), and jumping Jack’s with PBS and Barney. Please understand, everyone who lives in my house is over 25. I also threatened them with watching a marathon presentation of Call the Midwife. Lemme tell ya… those donuts stayed right where they were another 24 hours, when I finally decided the freezer was the best place for them.

A week later on a Sunday morning, through a now forgotten dream, a seemingly far-away alarm sounded. It was dark. It was cold. It was like, the middle of the night! Turns out Mr. Matrimony had forgotten to change the alarm and it went off at 5am. 5. A. M. In the morning. On a Sunday. Seriously. Knowing the longer I was awake, the chances of falling back asleep would diminish, through a hazy dream state, and fearing he’d make us get up for real, I said, “If you turn off that alarm, when we really get up, I’ll make you something with their donuts in the freezer. Mr. Matrimony’s answer was something to the effect of, “Mmm, yeah, plfff blehth.” At least that’s what I heard. Let me just pause right here and explain to you, there is NO reason for me to try to get Mr Matrimony to stay in bed. NONE. He does not get out of bed at 5am. On Sunday. Ever. More likely is that I will need to try to wake him, like 5 times, so we won’t be late for church. He’d sleep in til noon, IF he was single. Which he would be if he did that all the time. (I kid, I KID!). Mr. Matrimony is a hard worker and he deserves to sleep in. Occasionally. So anyways, when the REAL alarm goes off at 9, he says something like, “I thought you were going to make me Something Yummy with the donuts.” He sounded conspicuously coherent. Hmmmm… The donuts were out on the counter. More Hmmmm. I still don’t know what kind of conspiracy was going on in that kitchen while I was sleeping. But somehow, between the bum-crack of dawn and my true awakening, the donuts made their way to the counter. Now thawed, and not liking to re-freeze anything, I had no choice but to make something with them. I could have made something nasty, but I was eating them too, so there’s that. Also, I’m nice. But mostly I love the accolades sent my way when my guys have Something Yummy. I didn’t have time to do a recipe search for Pins, or google, so, I went with a standard. I cannot explain to you how delicious these were! Seriously, there are no words. And for those of you who can’t par-take of so many calories/carbs/whatevers, it’s SO filling, you can’t eat much, so just eat less. OMGosh…. so good! And easy. This is a perfect way to use up those stale donuts. Here ya go….

French Toast Donuts 2


  • Donuts, sliced in half
  • Cream, half & half, or milk
  • Eggs
  • Butter (I only use unsalted REAL butter. If you don’t, make the change. You’ll never go back)
  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  • (Many French Toast recipes call for vanilla. I don’t think it’s necessary with donuts. Add it if you like)

You do not need to use heavy cream. But, it tastes SOOOOO scrumptious with it!

NOTE: I understand the irony of heavy cream standing next to fake eggs. I really do. But we are on a diet. HAHAHAHAAAA. We are, I just had the heavy cream (which btw, is super cheap at Cash & Carry when you buy a half gallon) for Christmas cooking/baking/whatevering. I shop Albertson’s clearance sales in the dairy, and those quart egg whites are only .99 cents! They freeze excellent, so I always stock up when they have them.

About MY recipes. I almost never measure. I KNOW this terrifies many people. Those people need to understand that with recipes other than baking, not measuring is almost always okay! Baking has actual science in it. If you use too much or too little say, baking powder, your finished goods will taste nasty, or explode. Or worse? I dont know, I’m didnt do so great in science. Not so with almost everything else (an exception would be exact ratios, like water to rice). Don’t let my lack of amounts scare you off.

You CAN do this!!!

If you like nutmeg, add more. Cinnamon, not so much? Put a little less. It honestly IS that easy! One thing it depends on is how many donuts you have. We had 5. If you are still nervous, here’s a little extra help… The ratio of milk to egg is probably about 2 cups milk to one egg. The average nutmeg is probably about .5 teaspoons per 2 cups milk. The same with the cinnamon.

Here’s what you do…

Mix together the cream, egg(s), cinnamon, and nutmeg. Set aside on the counter. Let it sit until you are ready for the dunkin’ part.

This next step seems excessive, but again… SO GOOD! My little trick for prepping the pan is to leave the butter in the wrapper, open one end, fold the wrapper up revealing about an inch of butter, and set it down in the pan (which you should have preheated on a medium+ temperature), and just as it starts to melt out from under itself, take it out.


Dunk a sliced half of donut in the cream & egg mixture, and flop it in the pan.

French Toast Donuts

Flip it when it is toasty and all the egg is cook. Do the same for the other side. I use tongs for this, but a longish fork would be fine. Just make sure to use something long enough so that you won’t get popped with hot butter!

French Toast Donuts 3

The next step, I do not have a picture of, but is probably THE Most. Important. Step. Eat the first donut! You are doing your family a favor, do not feel selfish. YOU are quality control. YOU are the chef. You need to know how your finished product tastes for goodness sakes! Do them all a favor and eat it. Heck, if it isn’t perfect, eat the next one. I would stop before there was less than one per person left. If they ask what happened to the other donuts, just tell them you burned them. Then put a little piece of donut in hot grease and burn it. You wouldn’t want to lie to your own family.

French Toast Donuts 1

One last note… I didn’t have a blog when I made these, so the pictures aren’t great. In the back of my mind, I had an inkling I wanted a blog. Seriously though, with so many SQUIRRELS running through my little world, I didn’t think I could actually do it.

French Toast Donuts 4


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