5 Ingredient Green Chili Chicken Wrap (less than 300 calories!)


Recently, my daughter-in-law has been concerned about my eating habits. I don’t have a very good history when it comes to dieting. I’m not too good at being healthy about it. Plus, my history of yo-yo dieting is very discouraging. This time, I’m not dieting. I’m eating less, and eating healthy, with high hopes, the weight will stay off.

This girl loves me, so she offers up alternative (healthy & low fat/calories) recipes she knows I can’t resist. The things she suggests that I’ve made, or have had that she’s made, are so delicious I can’t even tell ya! When we’re on the phone, most of the time, I’m salivating just thinking about what I can make next. Poor girl. She does a lot of repeating.
The other day, she was sharing about some chicken enchiladas she had made.




While she was talking, I was thinking of how I had all of the ingredients to make them that night. I wasn’t sure my tastebuds could wait that long though. That was distressing. Then the corner of my mind hears her say something about chicken wraps with barbeque sauce.

Wait! What? Barbecue Sauce??? Diets don’t need to suck?
Yay =o)

My wheels started turning even more! (Bless her heart, she knows how many squirrels I see and she’s so patient with me). As soon as we hung up, I pulled everything out of the fridge to make BOTH. Only, I couldn’t get the thought of green chili somethings out of my mind. So, I came up with these wraps.


You won’t believe how delicious they are! And completely easy! And HEALTHY! It’s crazy. I don’t know where my brain was all these years with my icky dieting routines. I’m a smart girl. I should have known this! I guess God just knew I needed this girl in my life to set me straight.

Some things to be aware of…
1)Usually, I don’t measure my ingredients. In the spirit of caloric awareness, I did with these wraps.
2) Watch the calories on the wraps. They can be super high (like, over 200!)
3) I used white chicken breast meat. My son slow cooked it like half a day in just a little water and a touch of extra virgin olive oil
4) If you like sauce, as I do, add more taco sauce, not cream cheese. The difference in calories is huge!
5)I used salad mix. Recently, we switched to Romaine mix. There is just SO much more healthy stuff in it than there is in iceberg. I wasn’t sure I’d like it, but I really do)
6)Beings I’m a whimp (my idea of mild salsa is ketchup with some cilantro on it), I used mild sauce. But please, feel free to set your wrap on fire.

Here’s what you’ll need…
*1 Wrap
* 1/3 Cup Shredded Chicken Breast (or just finely chopped is fine)
*1 Tablespoon Cream Cheese (I used reduced fat with chive and onion)
*1-2 Tablespoons Green Taco Sauce (green enchilada sauce would be perfect too!)
*Lettuce or salad mix (as much as will fit!)

After spreading the cream cheese, taco sauce, and chicken on the wrap, I heated it all in the microwave for 30-45 seconds. I added the lettuce mix afterwards. Then, I wrapped it all up, like this….


I’m so sorry there are no pictures of the walk-through. There were, but this newbie blogger deleted them. Unintentionally on-purpose even.


At least I learned a valuable lesson… just because you can see your pictures on the web, doesn’t mean you don’t need them in your blog file.
Also, don’t erase them from everywhere just because you want to tidy up your computer files.


Anyways, I hope you enjoy these as much as I did! I’m hungry now. Guess what’s for lunch =o)


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