Month: September 2015

Candlestick Earring Display

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Earring Display 1 Dollar Tree. Thrift Store. IKEA.

How delighted was I when 3 finds from 3 of my favorite places mashed together to be the perfect organizer for my earrings and bracelets? Well, soooooo delighted that it ended my blogging hiatus! YAY me and not to brag or anything, but hopefully, YAY YOU!

This was like, these easiest, fastest thing EVER to make. No kiddin! Also, these items are pretty much readily available. Ya know what I mean? Sometimes I’ll find this grrrreat Pin and I think how I’ll make the item, only to be unable to find ANY of the supplies because they were at one-of-a-kind thrift store gold mines! Ugh. If you don’t live near an IKEA, just add the plate to your mental “Gotta Have It” list and stop by next time you are happening to be near one. I bought one in June when we went to The World’s Ugliest Dog Show (our dogs lost…. of course!) and liked them so much I bought 3 more in Seattle in May when we went to see our son compete in his first triathlon (he did SO good!)

Here are the items you will need to complete this project…


2-Part Epoxy (available at Dollar Tree)



Tall-ish candlestick (Tall enough to let your earrings dangle. I found mine at a second hand store)

Tall Candlestick Thrift Store 1

Short Candlestick (Almost always at Dollar Tree)

Short Candletstick Dollar Tree 1

Small Plate with Cutouts (This one is from the gardening area at IKEA)

Cut Out Plate 1

For this project, the only thing I did was to glue the plate on the tall candlestick. Follow this link to read what I have to say about buying epoxy at the dollar store. There are also pictures and a tutorial…

The short candlestick is simply placed on the center of the plate. I’d really love to find something candle sized to fit in the top of the short candlestick. I could use it for rings!

The tall candlestick I used has a mercury style paint job on the inside. I love it and have been working on mimicking the paint technique on other items. I’ve pretty much nailed it by using mirror paint with black paint overlaid. I will really try to do a blog on that soon-ish. Pinky swear! The next one of these I’m doing, I’ve already painted the outside of the tall candlestick. You may want to paint yours to match your décor. But, you may just get lucky like I did and find something you love that already matches. Like I did 🙂

As with all of my posts, please feel free to let me know how your own creation turned out. I’d love to share your stuff!