Month: July 2014

Where Have I Been?

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Good question, huh?
I have been on a mission… of sorts. Not one that helps others in foreign countries build little houses in the dirt. This mission was for my own family to help our house stand more firmly on the Rock.

Two endeavors called me away from my blog. The first, was to physically organize the chaos that was our dungeon basement. We have a storage full of things from both of our families, our parents, and our own. It was time to clean it out and save some cash every month! I called my faithful friend Missy and she became the Fearless Leader of my journey of sorts. Sorts… lol. Unintentional pun intended? I don’t know. Anyways, hopefully, I will be posting about that journey that included saying good-bye to old, often sad memories, and HELLO to clean new organized space including a multi-purpose room for family and CRAFTING!!!

Complete with glitter. Happy sigh…….

My other mission was to find a way to make some money. The biggest issue for me personally, was how I loathe asking Mr. Matrimony for money to buy him presents from me. Seriously, such a pain! I want to surprise him and not worry him about the cost. Other than that, it would feel very nice to be a financially contributing member of this family. Even our dogs have brought home money!

So, I came up with

Ruffle Bum Facebook

I’m designing and creating Onesie sets for photo shoots! I make sets to take New Baby home from the hospital, like these…
Daddy's Huntin Buddy 1 Pink Chevron Newborn 1
I make First Birthday Cake Smash sets like these….

Rainbow Cake Smash Whisical Zebra 1


Outfits for cheering on your favorite team…
Oregon Ducks Tutu Set 1 BSU 10


And other outfits just for funsies….

Flapper Baby 1 Going Hunting 1 Pink and Navy Flowers Beaded 11

It has truly been such fun! I often squeal while I’m in the middle of making an outfit. My dogs look up and start barking thinking someone has come in our house, lol! My mama, and many of my friends and relatives say I have (finally) found my niche. I hope so, because I am totally loving what I do!

I’ve been doing some hand-beading…

Hot Pink Zebra 3 Lace and Mauve 5

Decorating with buttons, beads, flowers, and felt…

Heart Felt 2DSC04293A for Adam 1

Coming up with clever designs….

10402397_766390020046398_5164206582014248733_n Mayola's Booties 1Eclectic Polka Dots 3

And learning how to take better pictures…

Teeny Tiny Leopard Tutu 8Eclectic Polka Dots 2

I have been selling most of my items through a classified “Yard Sale” page on Facebook. I have recently added an “official” Facebook page as well as an Etsy store. It would mean so much to me if my readers followed my links. And, if you like what I have created, your “likes” and “favorites” would be wonderful! If you see anything you are interested in purchasing, let me know. Readers of my blog will receive a free headband or set of booties with a Onesie set. If money is an issue, but you are crafty, please PLEASE please feel free to write to me and ask me for help in making your own creations for you Little One. I’d love to help with that!

One of the best parts of this journey has been having Mr. Matrimony supporting me, offering advice, and his wit has come in handy as well. I took the following picture at VBS of my friend Stephanie’s little girl. I told Mr. Matrimony it wasn’t the best depiction of my tutus, but I love the picture because it shows some of the more important things in life… pizza and tutus! Right on cue, Mr. Matrimony told me the caption. He’s so brilliant. Not as brilliant as I am though…. I married him ❤

Lillian Tutu
What can a girl do while wearing a tutu? ANYTHING she wants!