Make Your Dining Room POP with Color!!! (Part 2: Fabric Napkin Rings)

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1Napkin Bucket

I am SO loving the pops of color in our dining room! It’s almost like having a whole new room. The projects I’ve been working on just make that much difference. To see part one (fabric covered plate chargers) check out this link… Collage

I finished the napkins last night. They are so cute!

I love how our napkins are mix-and-match. I paid only a dollar each for them at Hobby Lobby. Here’s the secret with fun cloth napkins… use handkerchiefs! There are so many different colors and patterns out there. You will definitely be able to find some to match your home. One more thing about cloth napkins, we use them daily. At some meals, we don’t even need them. If that’s the case, after the meal, each member of our family just lays the napkin across the back of their chair. The same person uses their napkin at each meal this way. Every little bit helps the environment and ME (from doing more laundry!)

Here’s what you’ll need to make these napkin rings….


  • Wide ribbon
  • Embellishments (I used those plastic crystal dangly things. Buttons, flowers, all sorts of things can be used.)
  • Twine (various colors and sizes are available, check them out)



  • Glue Gun
  • Tape Measure

I’ve made some pretty good pictorial directions for this post. Let’s start with one of them. First, you will be making the actual napkin ring with the fabric….

Napkin Ring CollageA couple of notes…

  1. You may want to make your napkin rings a little bigger. If you do, just add however much you need. I like to put our guest flatwear in our napkins, roll them up, and put them in the rings (like in a restaurant). It’s something that looks good displayed all the time. Also, having them rolled and ready makes prep time shorter when we are having guests over for a meal.
  2. Cut the ribbon at a slant or with pinking shears. This will keep them from unraveling.

Now to adorn the napkin rings. Really, you can use anything you’d like. I found these plastic crystal dangly things at Hobby Lobby for $4.18. There’s at least 200 in the bag. Score!


On this one…

10262085_747923895226344_7088840285852819373_nI simply tied a piece of twine around it and tied a bow like one would do with their shoelaces. I glued the loose ends to the ribbon so they would hold the shape I wanted them in.

I used a smaller piece of twine with this one…


I threaded 3 plastic crystal thingies on the twine at about 3-4 inches apart. I then wrapped the twine around the ribbon. With some, I left the ends long, but on others, I cut it off. When you string the plastic crystal thingies on the twine, they don’t lay flat. That was fine and still looked cute when I put more than one on each piece. When I did only one though, it just wasn’t right. It needed to lay flat. So, I came up with this idea….

Pendant MakingI made pendants with a second piece of twine! When it was done, I just wrapped the longer piece around the ribbon and tied a bow, like this….



They are just so sweet. I hope you enjoy what you come up with. If you have any questions about attaching different adornments, just ask. I’d love to help!



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