d.i.y. Doggie Snack Jar (from gallon pickle jar)

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Doggie Snacks 20We have more than a couple spoiled mutts! You might recognize a couple of them…

(If you don’t care about the WHY of my creating this doggie treat jar, skip ahead. But really, they are SO CUTE and it would be just sad if you skipped them. Just sayin)

Boola Portrait with Bow
Boola’s official World’s Ugliest Dog Contest portrait from 2012

Boola is half hairless something (either Chinese Crested or Xoloitscuintle [Mexican Hairless] and half terrier. Mr. Matrimony had her when we got married. Her original name was Bella…. because she is beautiful. That is probably why she was a shut-out at the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest two years in a row! Will 2014 be her year? We shall see!

Crazy Quilt Boola
Carzy Dog Wrapped in a Crazy Quilt!

The shock that Himisaboo was awarded Third Place in the Mutt Category at the 2013 World’s Ugliest Dog Contest has settled down a bit… but we still question the WHY.I mean, look at him! He is truly a beautiful mutt! We think his mohawk and fantastic personality got him through the door. He was quite popular at the contest! Both dogs have been in the international press in video, picture, and print. Google their names, and “World’s Ugliest Dog” and you’ll see what I mean!

Isaboo with his 3rd place Ribbon at the 2013 World's Ugliest Dog Contest
Isaboo with his 3rd place Ribbon at the 2013 World’s Ugliest Dog Contest


Himisaboo made his debut to our family when Mr. Matrimony and I were married. Apparently, we weren’t the only ones smitten, as Boola and my Oskar were head-over-heels in love as well! That means Himisaboo is half hairless something and half wiener dog! Oskar has been with me about 10 years. He is always into something, which I think has aged him. He’s still such a cutie though! Check out those ears…

Flying Nun much?
Flying Nun much?

The last of our “other kids” is Pippi. That’s short for Pipsqueak. She has many names though… Pippaloo, Pipmiester General, PipPip. She is even a breast cancer survivor and has had a double quadruple radical mastectomy. After that we started calling her the Pippi with no Nippi and Nipless Pipless. She looks sweet, and she is.

But don’t let that fool you….
Pippi is The Boss.
The Queen.
The Ruler of All who Abide in Her Dwelling.


Now that you see how awesome my dogs are, you understand why they need a super cute Doggie Snack Jar. So without further ado, onto the tutorial!

First, I understand these jars can be expensive. Even at WalMart, they’re spendy. I was blessed to find a plethora of various shapes and sizes of canning jars under the house in the crawl space. Actually it wasn’t technically me who found them. It was my son. He gallantly went searching for them through cobwebs, rodent nests, and who-knows-whats when Mr. Matrimony spotted them through a hole in the basement wall. There were literally dozens!
You can find them though. Try going to some of your local gas stations or convenience stores. They often have big jars holding pickles, boiled eggs, and other what-nots. I’d take a gander and see if they might hold them for you. Also, try yard sales, thrift stores, and good ol’ dumpster diving! If you MUST purchase one new, try going to the website of the company (ie: Ball or Mason) and see if you can print out a coupon.
Something else that can be a little expensive is the frosted paint spray. Every time, and I mean without exception, I am at a hardware store, I check the clearance aisle in the paint section. They often have spray paint in the “Oops” pile. Check them out and stock up when you can. Also, I often locate a manager and ask if they might go even lower on the price. You would be shocked at how often they say yes!
The same goes for stickers and ribbon. I found these in the dollar section at a craft store. You know, they have them up by the registers or the fabric cutting table. They know we’ll be milling about… waiting.

And waiting…
Then we buy stuff.

What you will need…
A gallon jar with a lid
Household tape
Wide clear tape
Spray paint
Glue gun
Alphabet stickers (make sure they are cut out directly around each letter, as an outline, and not loosely surrounding each letter)

NOTE: Before you start, make sure your jar is super clean and completely dry!

Feel free to use a tape measure, level, or any other implement for my projects. I usually don’t. I’m too impatient, and too ADHD. Mr. Matrimony and I have a saying in our home…
If you want it done RIGHT, ask him. If you want it done NOW ask me.
It may not be done RIGHT, but it’ll be done RIGHT NOW.”

If you’re a perfectionist, you may only want to visit my blog for inspiration and not necessarily directions.
Is that wrong? I’m just being honest. No one ever accused my of saying too little.


Before you begin with the jar, spray paint the very clean and dry lid. Set it aside to dry.

Doggie Snacks 11

Doggie Snacks 12

Next, place a section of tape across your jar as a guide for you letter lay-out. Add a second piece of tape to the place you want the other word.

This tape is only used as a guide, so you don’t need to attach firmly.

Doggie Snacks 1

Make sure to press down firmly on the stickers so there are no gaps for frost paint to slip into!

(My tape was over the hangy-down part of some of the letters. I just waited to really press down on the letters until after I lifted the tape.)

Doggie Snacks 2

I used shipping tape to attach the newspaper to my jar so the epoxy wouldn’t go everywhere. It worked out great as a straight edge as well!

Again, use leveling implements if you feel you need to. I eyeballed it.

Doggie Snacks 3

My frosted paint directions say to leave it be for 30 minutes to dry, but 24 hours until it is completely dry. Make sure to follow the directions on the kind you have. Don’t be afraid of it. It’s super easy. If it’s your first time with it, do a few practices sweeps on something else.

Doggie Snacks 4I found using tweezers with a sharp edge worked perfectly to remove the stickers. Just make sure when you are taking the stickers off, you don’t scratch the etching spray. Even when dry, it can scratch fairly easily.

Doggie Snacks 21

You can leave it as it is if you like a more simple look. I’ve had this Puppy Love ribbon (.99 cents at JonAnn Fabrics) laying around forever and decided I’d used it up.

Doggie Snacks 9Make sure to cut your ribbon at an angle so it won’t fray.

I only used 4 dots of glue for each piece of ribbon on the jar. One each on the front, sides, and back.

Doggie Snacks 8

Mr. Matrimony saw the picture below and of the top left-hand section said, “What is that???”
I told him it’s my glue gun.
He said it looks awful.

I take pride it that. It means I’m using it!

Doggie Snacks 13

I folded the ribbon under at the end to hide the raw edge.

Doggie Snacks 7

This is the part I put on the outside

Doggie Snacks 6

Next I put another ribbon under the label area.

I added a little of the ribbon to the lid.



Super simple.

Why not use various sizes and make canisters for you kitchen staples?


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